The Project
The key work of the project is carried out within subprojects (SP), which represent the relevant expertise of the participating groups. While the subprojects will concentrate on the integration of new methods, technologies and approaches, they are broken down into individual work packages (WP) which concentrate on the scientific and technology activities and provide well defined, specific objectives and milestones.
The subprojects and the work packages will be co-ordinated at the project level and the success of the project will be assured by well defined interaction and communication channels coordinated at project level.
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SP5 - Translation towards Clinical Applications
Lead - Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Research, Carl Figdor
A major scientific and technical goal of this project is to translate basic knowledge obtained from fundamental studies by exploiting the new techniques and tools developed by ENCITE to the application stage, namely early clinical trials for cancer and regenerative medicine across Europe. The areas where ENICITE will investigate the translational aspects to clinical applications are:

  • Dendritic Cell (DC)-based vaccination
  • Cell therapy for cardiovascular/ischemic heart disease
  • Pancreatic islets transplantation